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10 Money-Saving Tips On How To Book A Tee Time

Is it possible to save money when booking a tee time? Yes, with the right planning and thorough research it is possible to get good rates when booking your next round of golf. There are a few things to remember before getting started that can give further perspective on how to cut costs.

10 Ways to Save When Booking

When looking to save money booking tee time what are things you usually do in advance? Do you look for deals and discounts? Do you book during certain times of the year? Do you have a membership with the golf club? These options can make a different in how much you pay when booking tee time. Here are 10 ways to book your tee time for less.

  1. Consider using a tour operator or golf tour service. This is a great option if you want to get in more rounds at more than one golf course during a specific amount of time.
  2. Book with a golf package. Few packages offer a set rate for tee time that is exclusive to the package offer.
  3. Book directly with the golf course. Check with the course in question and ask about any deals or discounts available for golfers booking tee time.
  4. Play golf at a resort or hotel with a golf course. This is another way to save money in more ways than one. Lodging options with onsite golf courses may offer deals based on length of stay.
  5. Compare options within your travel destination. If you plan to visit a popular destination known for golf, consider comparing options and narrowing down to those within your budget.
  6. Take advantage of deals and discounts. These can be found through golf clubs, golf resorts, and travel agencies especially those specializing in golf packages.
  7. Book offseason. Some courses may suggest booking months in advance, but it may offer an advantage including a reduced rate or special pricing for a limited time.
  8. Contact golf course and ask when it is best to book. Golf courses will have a schedule giving information regarding best times to play golf (high and low traffic volume).
  9. Plan ahead before you start planning. Think about the season and who will accompany you. Think about possible expenses before you start comparing and making reservations.
  10. Have a budget that is flexible but doable and stick with it.