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Planning A Golf Getaway At Morgado Golf Course

It’s every golf lover’s dream to play on the world famous courses of Portugal. Some of my friends would jokingly ask me to stuff my backpack with the bare essentials and take off to Portugal. If only it were that easy. Planning a golf getaway at Morgado Golf Course is a lot harder than most people think. To help golfers plan a perfect golf holiday we’ll share some useful information on the subject.

What’s the best time to visit the Morgado Golf Course?

It’s no secret that Algarve receives good sunlight nearly 80% of the year. But, certain periods offer the best conditions for golf. In the case of Morgado Golf Course, the month of December is the one to avoid. In the month of December, winter has already set it and most golf lovers fly to warmer destinations. Morgado witnesses huge crowds in the month of October. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold; making it the perfect time to play golf.

Where to stay?

The Morgado is part of NAU Hotels and Resorts, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation. The NAU group offers a wide range of accommodation options to the visitors. You get to choose either the Standard Double or Superior Double Room. These rooms come with numerous facilities such as AC, free safe deposit box, hair dryer, LCD TV, telephone, Wi-Fi, etc.

For its visitors, the resort has planned a variety of activities and entertainment. Activities such as yoga, aqua fitness, and Zumba are popular among kids and adults. The music shows, DJ shows, and dancing activities will keep you thoroughly entertained.

The resort has the Golfy Club for Kids. Kids between the ages of 3 to 12 can participate in various golfy programs planned by the resort. The Golfy Club for Kids is normally planned from July to September.

Choosing the best golf package

Browsing sites to find the best golf package to Morgado is a waste of your precious time. Instead, you can select any one of the two special packages offered by the resort. Those who are on a trip to Portugal can choose the Short Stays Golf Package or the Long Stays Golf Package. The former package is for shorts trips, between 3 to 7 nights in a double room. On the other hand, the longer stay option allows golfers to stay between 14 to 28 nights. To learn more about accommodation and green fee at this resort you can visit their official website.