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A Collection Of The Most Effective Beginner Golf Swing Tips

The initial golf lessons are absolutely vital for a person to have a bright future in the game. No matter what age you are you can make an impact on the course if you’re confident of your swing. Without a doubt, the swing is one of the most important skills to acquire at an early stage. Here in are some of the most effective golf swing tips for beginners.

  • Maintain a steady tempo
  • You would have observed most professional players relax and take a deep breath just before a shot it played. This is a very crucial part of a swing. Deep breath essentially performs two functions; it calms and help concentrate, and it helps the swing maintain a steady tempo.

  • Square the shoulder and feet
  • Squaring is a term we hear often during golf lessons. What does it mean? To hit the ball in the path that you want, you need to face the right direction. While addressing the ball, ensure the shoulders are pointing at the target. At the same time, your feet must be square to the target and the shoulder.

  • Focus on the ball
  • Young golfers taking lessons are too eager to learn fast. They try to do many things at once, take in all that’s happening around them. This would totally affect their concentration while playing the swing. When attempting a swing keep your eyes on the ball and nowhere else.

    There is another good reason to consider this advice very seriously. By keeping the eyes on the ball you ensure the head remains in the correct position. Having the head down would prevent the shoulder from rising high during the shot. Moreover, focusing on the ball increases the chances of a solid contact of the club with the ball.

  • Bring the club back with an angle
  • Too many budding players take the golf club straight back during the backswing. If you want to make the best use of the power created by the coil motion of the hip, you need to take the club back at an angle. The preferred angle of most golf instructors is 45 degrees.

Furthermore, don’t take the club backward more than necessary. Young golfers wrongly construe the distance the golf club travels during backswing to power; ‘the further I take the club the more power I generate’ seems to be their understanding. Don’t forget, there is no guarantee you’ll generate more power taking the club back more, but I’m sure, doing so will negatively affect the accuracy of the swing.