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Golf Putting Practice Drills That Will Help You Win Matches

A golfer who is excellent on the putting green has more than a fair chance of winning the game. If you observe low handicap players, a large majority of them perform exceptionally well on the putting green. It’s an undeniable fact that most tour matches are decided on the putting green. Budding or even amateur golfers can’t afford to ignore this crucial skill. To win more matches, here are a few putting drills that every golfer needs to practice.

Clock Drill

We presume that long distance targets are harder to reach than the short distance ones. A lot of time is spent on practicing long drives or shots. Players seldom practice the three-foot putt. There lies the problem. We have seen players hit a great drive, execute a wonderful approach to reach the green, but fail to find the hole with a three-foot putt. No shot is easy in golf, especially when it comes to putting. You need to regularly practice the short distance putting.

Presume that the hole is the center of the clock face. Take twelve balls and place them at 3, 6, 9, and 12 of the clock face. First, the balls must be three feet from the hole, then six feet, and finally place the remaining four balls at nine feet from the hole. One after the other hit the ball into the hole. If you miss a shot start all over again.

Meter Stick Drill

For the meter stick drill, you need a metallic meter scale that’s at least six feet long. Position the meter scale near the hole; one end of the scale should touch the circumference of the hole, and at the other end place the ball. Hit the putter shot, the ball will stay on the scale till it reaches the hole if the putter face was square at impact. The meter stick drill is a tough one; you need constant practice to get it right.

Tiger’s Gate Drill

Place two tees parallel to each other; position them 4 feet from the hole. The tees must have enough gap between to allow the putter head to easily pass through. Begin the drill by playing the putt shot with just one hand (your dominant hand), then follow it up with two hands (normal) shot.

In a putter shot the club must go straight back and the downswing must go straight through the gap without touching the tees. Practice the one hand drill 10-15 times and then use both hands the same number of times.