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Helpful Information on Golf Booking: Exclusive Offers

You do not need to have elaborate information about golf courses to know that not all golf courses are equal in quality. Some golf courses provide different facilities or may offer fewer resources to the inexperienced golfers. All – round service standards are different for all golf clubs.

Before you think of booking your golf timings, you must consider that not all golf courses provide tee timings. There are certain courses that entertain their guests on the basis of first come first served. If you want to avail special offers on tee timings, you must consider these things:

  1. Time of the year
  2. Depending on what time of the year you want to play golf, you will have to pay different fees for your tee timings. The more pleasant the weather, the more tee timings fees you have to pay. Therefore, it is better to go for golfing a little before or after the peak timings.

  3. Time of the day
  4. Golf is especially pleasant to play in the mornings, which means that the morning slot for tee timings fills faster. If you want to save money and you do not mind playing a little after 12 pm, you can book your tee timings accordingly.

  5. Length of the golf course
  6. If you cannot play the whole 18-hole golf course, you can consider paying only for 9 holes.

Things you must know before you go to the course

When you begin playing golf, there are a lot of things to learn. You have to know the etiquettes, rules, how to route the golf course, how to swing your golf club and even the dress code. However, golf is not that complicated, as it seems. This is the only game that you can comfortably play in your old age. You must know the following things before you start playing.

  • If your golf course requires you to follow a dress code, you must wear accordingly. Khaki pants with collared shirt looks fine for men. Women can wear skirts/shorts with polo shirt. You must never wear athletic pants or jeans to the course. Wear proper golf shoes. The best thing is to call the golf course and enquire about the dress code.
  • You cannot carry more than 14 golf clubs in the golf bag. The essential clubs are a putter, a driver, a 6-iron, 8-iron, a sand wedge, a fairway wood, a pitching wedge, and a hybrid.
  • Take extra balls and tees with you to ensure that your game is not disrupted when you lose a few balls.