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Seven Hints On Choosing Golf Equipment For Beginners

Those who are new to the game of golf have a tough task at hand. No, we aren’t talking about golf lessons. Choosing the perfect golf equipment for beginners is a scary task. Scary because golf equipment doesn’t come cheap and choosing the right set of clubs requires a special skill. You need not worry at all. We are at your side. Here are seven hints to help you smoothly navigate the selection process.

  1. Golf equipment companies will try to entice you with their ads featuring top ranked players, but keep in mind you can’t become a professional golfer overnight. The golf equipment that beginners need is completely different from what professionals use or need. Beginners are new to the game, so they need extra help to balance their lack of skill and accuracy. Hence look for equipment that offers maximum forgiveness.
  2. You might not see the need to custom fit the golf clubs, but the truth it’s a very important step. As a beginner you’re still unaware of the nitty-gritty of the game. An expert club fitter might enlighten you about your body, swing dynamics, and your game that you did not know.
  3. Are you skeptical of buying big drive clubs? Don’t be. Sometimes bigger golf clubs are better. Big golf clubs that are available on the market nowadays offer more forgiveness. They are designed to maximize the transfer of power from the club head to the ball. Remember, if you go beyond a particular mark, the extra size equipment might actually become counterproductive.
  4. Like golf clubs, golf balls are also important. We won’t discourage you from investing in expensive golf balls, but don’t overdo it. For a beginner, you won’t find a huge difference in performance if you use golf balls that are less expensive.
  5. Get help from technology before you go looking for golf equipment. Golf fitters will ask you to use a launch monitor to analyze your body and swing dynamics. Using a launch monitor experts can learn what you actually need as opposed to what you want. Use the information to choose the best golf equipment.
  6. Years ago, when as a beginner I was looking for my first set of golf equipment, the question that troubled me the most was ‘Whether to buy or not to buy a new set?’ If you want golf equipment that looks and plays like brand new ones then it’s best to invest in new equipment. Beginners who aren’t very particular about the look; those wanting a decent product to learn the basics of the game, can choose pre-owned golf equipment.
  7. The next logical step after deciding whether to choose new or pre-owned golf equipment is to answer the question ‘How much am I ready to spend?’ The answer to this must depend on your interest in the sport. Beginners who practice once or twice a month should ideally have a lower budget. Those who take golf seriously can invest more.