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Golf Tips For Long Drives You Should Keep In Mind

Even though putting, chipping, etc. play a crucial role in the outcome of a golf round, it’s the drive that attracts people’s attention. Golfers, even the best of the professionals, are never happy with their drive. They constantly try to improve this part of their golf game.

What’s stopping you from hitting long golf drives? It would be difficult to pinpoint each and every factor that’s affecting a golf drive. Experts – people who have an in-depth understanding of the drive – have attributed to three main reasons. Let’s check them out, shall we?

  • Poor Shoulder Turn
  • Each and every player has his/her own technique of swinging a golf club. But, there are a few things that are common to everyone. Take, for example, the shoulder turn during a drive. When hitting a golf drive players need to ensure their shoulder turns till the shoulder is at right angle (perpendicular) to the target line. You can’t get the best from the drive if the shoulder doesn’t turn fully (i.e.) it’s not perpendicular.

    If you are not sure whether the shoulder turn is affecting your drive, here is a simple test. Assume a good drive stance and place a club across the shoulder, not the front but back. Relax and play a normal golf drive. While swinging the club, pay attention to the shoulder turn; observe the turn and also the end point of the swing. How have you performed? Did your shoulder turn fully and create a perpendicular angle with the target line? If not, you need to work on this skill.

  • Failure to Accelerate
  • To hit the ball long it’s necessary for the club head to make contact with the ball at its highest speed. How to ensure this? First, make sure there is no stop and start during the swing. You need to have a good club flow and to reach the fastest at the impact point you need to learn how to accelerate the club. A god swing and acceleration can be achieved if you work on improving the lower body movement and the coil and recoil sequence of your body midsection.

  • Incorrect Impact Angle
  • When playing a golf drive the angle of impact is as important as acceleration. To make the ball travel long it’s important that the ball stays longer in the air. This is only possible when the club head makes contact with the ball on its upswing journey.

    Just before the swing, focus on three things: (1) Position the ball a little forward in your stance. The ball must be in line with your left heel, (2) Tilt your spine to the right, not much, just slightly, and (3) Make sure the left shoulder is slightly higher than the right shoulder.