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A Brief Guide On Splendid Oceanico Laguna Golf Course

The Oceanico Golf immediately comes to mind whenever I hear people talk about Vilamoura. The city of Vilamoura is, without a doubt, the best golf destination in Algarve. For a golf enthusiast visit to Vilamoura is incomplete with playing on the Oceanico Laguna Golf Course. What’s so wonderful about Laguna? Let’s find out.

The Oceanico Laguna was opened in 1990. This fantastic course is designed by Joseph Lee. He spectacularly managed to create a fine course on a wetland adjoining the sea. You’ll notice the designer has done a fine job. In the past two and half decades, the course has seen many improvements to keep up with the trends and likings of the visitors.

  • Golfer’s Enemies – Bunkers, Water Hazards, and Gusty Wind
  • Playing at Laguna is fun and challenging in equal measures. The fairways are wide, which allows golfers to drive confidently and play without fear. The course is fairly open with lesser trees, except at holes 11 and 12. The main obstacles to golfers’ progress are the strategically placed bunkers all around the course. There are 79 bunkers in total. Equally troubling are the water hazards that form part of 11 holes. Watch out for them. Then there is the gusty wind that players have to face now and then.

    Don’t forget the water bodies and trees attract many beautiful birds. This adds to the scenic beauty of the Oceanico Laguna Golf Course.

  • Short but Sweet
  • If the above passage has unnerved you, then we want to assure you. The Oceanico Laguna Golf Course is quite enjoyable. Laguna is smaller than some of the other courses. Players have to be accurate; the course is small and there are plenty of obstacles. But, it won’t take the players long to complete the course. Golfers who have a solid strategy, good club and shot selection, and accurate gameplay will have a very satisfying time on the course.

  • What are you up against?
  • To give you a clear picture of the challenges of the Laguna Course, let’s consider the 5th hole. This is a doglegged par-4 that’s 315 meters long. The hole is bordered by a lake on the right side. The best way to tackle the 5th is to use the 5-iron for the second shot, after the driver. Some may prefer and even advise others to use the wood. Keep in mind; with a wood, you’ll bring the lake into play. Hence, the best option for the second shot would be the iron club.